Białka Tatrzańska
5-10 February 2012

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Welcome to our Workshop!

Applied mathematics has been traditionally central to physics, engineering and computer sciences and this interaction led to significant developments both in theoretical mathematics and in the fields benefiting from the available mathematical tools such as models or numerical approximations. Many important theories grew out of applications in business and industry.

Currently, also the relation of mathematics with life sciences, medicine and public health becomes increasingly important. Mathematical models allow to study biological phenomena and often support experimental data in the decision making process on population interventions. Problems arising from applications of mathematics often require novel theoretical approaches or formal analysis to establish appropriateness and theoretical background for new models.

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers working in different fields in order to review in what ways mathematics can help in progress of methods used in different sciences as well as better in understanding of various processes. The conference will be organized around specific areas concentrating on challenging problems arising from real world applications. Meeting of scientists representing different backgrounds shall provide a unique possibility of exposing the phenomena from various perspectives to initiate new contacts and collaboration. By this we expect to promote better application of mathematical tools in Central Europe, where so far such collaboration is limited.

The following topics will be included:
Biology & Medicine
  • epidemiology
  • cancer therapy
  • cell renewal processes
Industry & Technology
  • traffic flow
  • smart materials

The starting point for discussions will be the lectures delivered by leading specialists, followed by panel discussions engaging the participants interested in concrete topics. The workshop will also offer a possibility to exchange experience in management of the interdisciplinary projects, implementation of results and collaboration with industry.

The diversity of topics will be tied together by similar mathematical methods. The added value of interacting within a wider network of specialists dealing with apparently diverse applications is the possibility of cross-adopting approaches used in diverse fields.